Breathless Anticipation

Well, I’ve done it again!

A Song for a Soldier is in my publisher’s hands for final review. I sit with bated breath and hope in my heart that he won’t find too many mistakes.

I’ve said it before. Creating any work of art, be it full-length novel, novella, short story, poem, painting, musical work, sculpture, any art-form, is like having a child. We feed it, change it, nurture it, change it again, dream about it (when we can sleep), obsess about it (when we can’t), change it again, give it lots of love and a little discipline, continue changing it and nurturing it, until at last, our art/child has become full-grown before our very eyes.

When it comes time to send our work out into the world, we gulp, try to remember to breathe, and try harder to have faith that we’ve put enough of ourselves into it, so it can and will stand on it’s own and accomplish something good in this world.

There are many out there who are in this stage…ready for our work to be unveiled to a world that may or may not care. As we contemplate how our art/child will be received, we would do well to remember that it’s not the world’s opinion that matters. What matters is just this:

Is it what you wanted?

Does it express what you wanted to express?

Does it carry a piece of you in it’s heart and soul?

If so, that’s all that matters.

I say to you, “Congratulations! Because of your creation, the world is a better place. Keep creating!”

I know I will.

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