I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff…

…and I’ll blow your canopy down!

That’s what the wind in Isaaquah, Washington, did today. We were setting up for the Salmon Days event tomorrow and the wind decided to join our set-up party. Before we knew it, we had split poles, ripped seams, and were vainly trying to keep our brand-new canopy from blowing away. After a few minutes of cursing under our breaths, and trying to keep the tears from actually falling from our eyes, we decided to pack up the now-defunct canopy, all our tables and bookshelves.

Once our canopy was down, we watched as the wind picked up our neighbor’s heavier, stronger canopy. Being the good neighbors we are, we dashed over to try and rescue it. I was witness to Author Rebecca Connolly fulfilling her life-long dream of becoming Mary Poppins as she clung to one leg of the canopy and was lifted into the air while the rest of us tried to fight the wind enough to pull it back into position. We managed it, but sadly, not before it had crushed the lighter, less sturdy canopy behind us.

But, my Phase Publishing fans, never fear. We may be simple authors, but we are tough and strong and will NOT let this wind defeat us. We have purchased new, stronger, canopies and are planning to go early in the morning to try setting up again. When Phase Publishing authors say they will participate in an event, that’s what we’ll do!

So, come rain, wind, sun, or dark of early morning, Phase Publishing authors will come through with books, autographs, bookmarks, prizes and FUN! So, come on up to Issaquah and help us show that big, bad wolf-like wind that all the huffing and puffing in the world will not blow this Phase Publishing brick house down. We will prevail!

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