Welcome to T-shirt Topic Tuesday!

Recently, my son and his family visited us from out of state. One day, he was wearing a t-shirt that said, “Non-Flammable? Challenge Accepted”. I thought about that for a few minutes and realized there was a message there.

Have you ever heard the expressions “He was smokin’ hot” or “She’s really on fire”? Generally, that means the person in question is doing great, looks fantastic, or is especially excited and energetic in their task.

So what if that great, fantastic, excited, energetic person gets squashed? What if someone tells them they can’t succeed, or they aren’t dressed right, or they need to calm down, or slow down? That can be a real stumbling block to success!

So my message today is two-fold.

First, don’t accept the discouraging statements and actions of others. Take them as a challenge to keep working, keep writing, keep pursuing your dreams and prove them wrong!

Second, don’t be the discouraging factor in someone else’s life. Even if you don’t see how they can accomplish what they are trying to do, praise their efforts and then stand back and watch them fly!

I hope you enjoy my T-shirt Topic Tuesdays. If you have ideas for a topic, just snap a picture of your favorite t-shirt topic and click on the link below to send it my way. Who knows? Maybe next week’s topic will be yours!

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Until then, make it a great day!

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