The Force

Welcome to T-shirt Topic Tuesday!

We attended a family wedding this past week. It was great connecting with family both near and far. Our nearly-2-year-old niece was wearing a t-shirt that caught my eye.


When you consider that an energetic toddler is wearing this, it’s hilarious! But as I thought about it, I found another meaning.

What is the Force that awakens the creativity in you? What is your passion? What do you find yourself thinking about more than anything else? Is it writing? Blogging? Running? Dogs? Cats? Food? Money? Friends? Family? Work? Just what is it that motivates you?

For me, it’s family, writing, and helping others to help themselves. I love spending time with my husband, kids, and grandkids. They bring me joy and hope. I also enjoy writing and the research that goes along with it. That sparks my imagination and makes me smile. My third passion is helping others… not just giving to them, but helping them to find ways to help themselves. I derive great satisfaction when someone discovers a new way to progress because of something I’ve said or written. It’s awesome!

So, your challenge this week is to find your passion and then follow it! I promise that the ultimate satisfaction you find in pursuing your passion will far outweigh any challenges that may present. Send me an email and let me know what you discovered!

If you have an idea for our T-shirt Topic Tuesdays, just leave me a comment below. Include a picture of the t-shirt, if you’d like. I’d love to hear from you!

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