A Matter of Perspective

Welcome to T-shirt Topic Tuesday!

Today’s post is brought to you by my children, who still find it fascinating when I create things out of thread, yarn, and fabric. They gave me this t-shirt several years ago, and as I took it out of the dryer and was folding it, I realized there is more to this message than the obvious. Take a look.


A story is told of an older couple who had a difference in perspective. He came home one day and found a large bag of yarn sitting in the living room. Immediately, he became concerned about how much the large amount of yarn had cost. Confronting his wife, he was angry, and she became defensive. When she was unwilling to tell him how much it cost, he stormed out of the room.

Later he returned and the bag of yarn was gone, but his wife was quiet and seemed a bit sad.

A couple of months went by, and the man had a birthday. His wife surprised him with a beautiful afghan. It had all the colors of the rainbow and he was thrilled. He thanked her profusely, then asked. “Where did you find such a lovely afghan?”

She smiled and replied, “Remember the bag of yarn you saw in the living room last March?”

He nodded.

“My friend was cleaning out her craft room and gave me the skeins she didn’t want. I’ve been stealing moments here and there to make this for you. It cost me nothing but time, and love.”

Needless to say, the man was ashamed of himself and vowed to make it up to her.

The point of all this is, we can’t always see things from another’s perspective. We make assumptions based on our own point of view. That can lead to misunderstandings that too often get out of control, causing pain, anger and disappointment.

So, my challenge today is this: when you find yourself judging a situation or event, stop and ask if there might be another perspective that you hadn’t considered. This world  can be happy or sad, or anything in between, and sometimes, it’s just a matter of perspective.

If you have a perspective you’d like to share, or want to contribute to T-shirt Topic Tuesdays, leave me a comment below. I promise to reply!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a good book to read this summer, check out this link!

Nine Indie Authors You Have to Read

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