Be Yourself, unless…

Welcome to Feature Friday!

Rather than feature an author this week, I ran across a meme that sparked my imagination. Take a look.

Jedi Betty WhitePersonally, I adore Betty White. I think she’s funny, sarcastic, quick-witted, and most of all, genuine. When you see Betty, you see the real deal. She doesn’t sugar-coat it to please you. She tells it like it is. Which I believe is part of her charm and genius.

What sparks me about this meme, is the message that we should always be ourselves, like Betty White. How many times do we find ourselves “acting” for someone else’s benefit? How often do we try to be what someone else believes we should be? A boss, a co-worker, that hottie we’re in love (or lust) with, even our children sometimes. It’s exhausting!

How much easier… rather, how much simpler life would be if we could all just be genuine, be ourselves. That’s not to say we shouldn’t be working to improve the person we are and become the best person we can be! But I believe those transformations should happen because inside us, we have a desire to change and improve. Not just because someone else thinks we should. Or because we think someone else thinks we should.

So my challenge today is to be myself… my genuine self. I still want to learn, grow. and improve, of course. But today, I will strive to be the best me I can be!

What about you? Will you join me in this challenge? Just for today, will you be the genuine you? The best genuine you possible? I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Drop me a line and let me know!

If you have an idea for Feature Friday, send me an email or look for me on Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to feature you or someone you like, love, or admire!

Meanwhile, always be yourself… unless you can be Jedi Betty White. Then be Jedi Betty White. 😉

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