One size fits all

Welcome to T-shirt Topic Tuesday!

Kindness one size fits allLately, I’ve noticed something wonderful… people can be kind without any thought of reward! I was sitting in line at a fast-food restaurant, feeling rushed and very hot. I was late for an appointment and really didn’t have time to stop, but my stomach was letting me know that if I didn’t eat, it would probably consume me from the inside out, growling loudly the entire time. You know that feeling!

Anyway, I finally reached the first window where I expected to give the young man my last $3 for a small hamburger to tide me over til I could get home. Instead, he greeted me with a huge smile and said, “Your order has been paid for. Pull forward please.”

“What?” I asked, confused.

His grin broadened and he explained. “There was a man who came through here a few minutes ago who gave me a $100 bill. I started to count out his change when he said, ‘Use the change, as far as it will go, to pay for the customers to are waiting in line in this heat. Everybody needs a break, right?’ Then he just drove ahead and got his meal. You’re the eighth person to have your meal paid for. I figure there’s still a couple more who will get free meals today because of him.”

Awed and grateful, I pulled ahead, collected my burger, and ate it on the way to my appointment. Let me tell you, that little hamburger tasted better than any steak I’ve ever eaten!

So, my challenge today is, share the love. Whatever you say, whatever you do, be kind. It’s a one-size-fits-all day-changer!

Life got you down?

Welcome to T-shirt Topic Tuesday!

Four is greater than two originalToday’s topic is brought to you by a man on a plane.

My husband and I were travelling home after a wonderful visit with our out-of-state kids. The man sitting in the aisle seat had a lapel pin that said, “4>2.”

My husband, ever the curious, friendly fellow, struck up a conversation with the gentleman and found out the meaning behind his lapel pin.

Essentially, it stands for his philosophy in life: the things that happen for (4) me are greater than (>) the things that happen to (2) me. He believed, as do I, that we can gain and grow and learn from every experience, becoming stronger, wiser, and more empathetic towards those around us. Even when life is hard, or people are cruel, we can learn patience, forgiveness, and kindness. We get to choose how we respond in any given situation. Those choices can lead to great growth and progress in building our character.

So my challenge today is this: If you find yourself frustrated by the trials of your life, remember that you can choose to allow the situation to happen TO you, dragging you down, or you can choose to see it as happening FOR you, allowing you to learn and grow.

Let’s choose to grow together!

If you have a t-shirt topic to share, feel free to contact me! I’d love to feature you and your topic right here!


A Matter of Perspective

Welcome to T-shirt Topic Tuesday!

Today’s post is brought to you by my children, who still find it fascinating when I create things out of thread, yarn, and fabric. They gave me this t-shirt several years ago, and as I took it out of the dryer and was folding it, I realized there is more to this message than the obvious. Take a look.


A story is told of an older couple who had a difference in perspective. He came home one day and found a large bag of yarn sitting in the living room. Immediately, he became concerned about how much the large amount of yarn had cost. Confronting his wife, he was angry, and she became defensive. When she was unwilling to tell him how much it cost, he stormed out of the room.

Later he returned and the bag of yarn was gone, but his wife was quiet and seemed a bit sad.

A couple of months went by, and the man had a birthday. His wife surprised him with a beautiful afghan. It had all the colors of the rainbow and he was thrilled. He thanked her profusely, then asked. “Where did you find such a lovely afghan?”

She smiled and replied, “Remember the bag of yarn you saw in the living room last March?”

He nodded.

“My friend was cleaning out her craft room and gave me the skeins she didn’t want. I’ve been stealing moments here and there to make this for you. It cost me nothing but time, and love.”

Needless to say, the man was ashamed of himself and vowed to make it up to her.

The point of all this is, we can’t always see things from another’s perspective. We make assumptions based on our own point of view. That can lead to misunderstandings that too often get out of control, causing pain, anger and disappointment.

So, my challenge today is this: when you find yourself judging a situation or event, stop and ask if there might be another perspective that you hadn’t considered. This world  can be happy or sad, or anything in between, and sometimes, it’s just a matter of perspective.

If you have a perspective you’d like to share, or want to contribute to T-shirt Topic Tuesdays, leave me a comment below. I promise to reply!

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Confidence Defined

I’m adopting a new motto, just for today. I may re-adopt it tomorrow, but I won’t think of that now. What’s my new motto, you ask?


My husband has a t-shirt given to him a couple of years ago. It says, “Today, I can do anything.” If you know my husband, you know that fits him perfectly. This man is a miracle-man! He’s gone from a bed-ridden MS patient, to a fully functional, upright, walking, running,  bike-riding inventor who’s working full-time in a machine shop! Wow!

How’d he do it? Lots of little miracles along the way, but a big part of his progress has been his “can-do” attitude. While he was still in the wheelchair, he bought a condo that had 14 steps up to the bedroom. When people asked him why, he looked puzzled and asked, “It has stairs?” Then, he’d grin and add, “Because I can.”

That’s his answer to everything he does, “Because I can.”

What does this have to do with me and my writing? Well, when this sweet man sees I’m struggling, he pulls this t-shirt out of his drawer and invites me to wear it, “just for today.” It’s amazing how much wearing it helps!

So, while I still may wear his t-shirt sometimes, I’m going to try adopting this motto one day at a time. Say it with me:


Reflections on Gratitude

I’ve been thinking how quickly life can change. We’re going about our lives, our daily routines, not paying much attention, when suddenly (or so gradually we don’t notice) life throws us a curve ball. Maybe someone we love becomes critically ill, maybe we lose our job, maybe an accident or fire takes away our transportation or home.

In those moments, we gain a new perspective. Those moments bring to our awareness what’s really important… health, family, friends, and security. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could learn to appreciate those things before they are taken away? Wouldn’t it be great if we could do something each day to take better care of our health? Tell our family members we love them? Show appreciation for our friends? Be grateful for our homes, our transportation, the food on our tables, all the little and big things we enjoy every day but often take for granted?

My goal this week is to find something every day to be grateful for that I haven’t noticed until now. Creating an attitude of gratitude is a choice, one that I’m choosing today!