Welcome to Feature Friday!

Today is the 2-year anniversary of the publication of my first novel, Devlin’s Daughter. I can’t believe it’s been two years already.

Writing this first novel was a journey of courage and discovery for me.  I had previously published a series of children’s books based on stories that I told my kids when they were little. That was not so scary, because I was publishing them for my grandkids. If I sold a few copies here and there, that would be the icing on the cake. No worries, right?

Then, my publisher challenged me to write something different. He suggested something in the romance genre. I didn’t really want to write “fluffy romances.” Not that there’s anything wrong with those. I have friends who write wonderful romances that will tingle the hearts of the swooniest romance readers. However, I wanted to write something with a little meat in it. So, he suggested historical romance/fiction. That sounded like something I could sink my teeth into.

The months that followed were filled with research, writing, second-guessing myself,  editing, re-writing, many fear and tear-filled nights, more research, more re-writing… until, finally, it was ready. I submitted it to my publisher and waited, and fretted, and waited, and had a few anxiety attacks, and waited. After a couple of months that seemed like years…



I held my first copy of my first published novel in my hands!

That was a thrilling moment, let me tell you! In fact, it was such a heady feeling, that I immediately started on my second novel… then my third… and now, I’m working on my fourth historical fiction/romance, due to be released later this year. I’m hooked!

So celebrate with me! Share this post. Send me an email. Comment on Facebook or Twitter. Let the world know that Emily Daniels is alive and well and writing more novels.

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Oh, for your information, each week I’m planning to create a fun Feature Friday post. I’ll be featuring not only my work but other authors as they have new releases or book-a-versaries or just have fun things to add. We’ll enjoy bios, teasers, Q&As, and maybe even a video interview or two. I’m excited to include my author friends in this new adventure!

Meanwhile, go out and make it a GREAT day!


“…My Favorite.”

I just received feedback from another beta reader and I’m smiling from ear to ear! She said,

“Wow,  another awesome book.  It is amazing to me how each of your books are totally different in subject, topic and style.  They each “feel” different.  I think maybe this one is my favorite.”

Music to this author’s ears!

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Getting closer…and closer…and closer…

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat yet?

You should be!

My upcoming book, A Song for a Soldier, is with my proofreaders this very minute. I’m so excited! What’s even more exciting is I’m going to host my very first Release Party. I’m keeping the details a secret for now, but we’re going to have a GREAT time!

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