Follow-up to A Conundrum

Well, my friends, the polls are closed and the votes have been tallied. The winner is…

The Princess!

With one caveat… instead of Gerald being involved in Winnie’s Wish, we will have the pleasure of meeting one of his ancestors. I’m not saying who, but I will tell you that it will be evident where Gerald’s genial personality comes from.

So, on we go, a bit more research, a lot more writing, and before you know it, Winnie’s Wish will be available for your reading pleasure!

A Conundrum

Alas, my loyal readers, I find myself in a pickle. As you may recall, I have promised that Gerald, nurse Lucia’s would-be suitor in Lucia’s Lament, would be given his own story. That story, I thought, would be my upcoming novel, Winnie’s Wish. However, the historical figure who has presented herself as the epicenter of Winnie’s Wish, was born at least 80 years too soon for Gerald to be included in her story.

Thus, the dilemma. Shall I ignore the rantings and ravings of a spoiled British Princess, who wants this book to be about her, in order to continue with our dashing Gerald’s tale? Or, shall I tell dear Gerald to wait, and succumb to the Princess and the intriguing politics of King George III’s royal court in the late 1700’s?

Thoughts? Feelings? Rantings? Ravings? I’m open to suggestions, my friends.


Getting closer…and closer…and closer…

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat yet?

You should be!

My upcoming book, A Song for a Soldier, is with my proofreaders this very minute. I’m so excited! What’s even more exciting is I’m going to host my very first Release Party. I’m keeping the details a secret for now, but we’re going to have a GREAT time!

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